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I love my life. I'm contented enough to be relaxed and discontented enough to quest. I want to see it all, smell it all and touch it all and through writing I can. I'm especially grateful for the gospel in my life. I don't need to search anymore. I can get on with perfecting talents and abilities.

Monday, May 26, 2014

A Writer...

A writer isn't a writer unless the writer writes, right? Try saying that three times fast whilst crumpling up yet another piece of paper with yet another beginning written on it.

Hey, I just looked at the word 'piece' and wondered how I can remember to spell it correctly. Yes, I thought of the rhyme - I before E except after C, but I don't always have that much time so I thought of an easier way. The first three letters spell 'pie'. I like pie....I can remember that little trick :)

It's the same with the word 'friend'. Because most of my friends are a little south of crazy [like me]and because most of them walk away from an encounter with me a little worse for the wear, I remember the spelling this way - my friends are my 'fried ends'. Trust me - it makes sense on this side of my head.

That's it for today. Certainly don't want to overwhelm myself after a long hiatus - remembered as hi - at - us, you know, like someone waving hello to us after not seeing us for a long time [shhh, little voices in my head - it means ALL of us]...talk to you again, real soon [yes, little voices in my head, you can all have a turn...]

Take care til then :)

Monday, February 18, 2013


Welcome to those of you who have never been to my blog or those who haven't been here in a while. Feel free to look around and leave comments if you want.

An amazing friend I met when I was sorting through my late brother's things [Hi Leanne]posted on Facebook yesterday, "Got my Eatmore! Yummy!" Immediately I was transported to a time and place that will live forever in my memory - eating an Eatmore bar outside in the winter. Eyes half-closed, cool clean fresh winter air softly tickling my lashes, the taste of that chewy, sticky, peanutty bar - that was heaven on earth for a young girl - no doubt about it!!!

For Leanne and my new friends [anyone who loves Eatmore has GOT to be an instant friend] Doreen and Annette here's the recipe I have:

Note - I'll give it as I got it then add my comments below.

1 cup corn syrup
1 cup peanut butter
1 cup brown sugar
1/2 cup milk chocolate chips

Mix with a spatula and put in microwaveable 3L casserole dish in the microwave for 5-6 minutes on high power. Mix a couple of times during cooking.
Remove from microwave and add:

1 1/2 cups Rice Krispies
3/4 cup chopped peanuts
1/2 cup sesame seeds
1/2 cup sunflower seeds
Mix well and put in greased 9x13 pan. Let cool and enjoy!

My comments - when I first looked at this recipe I thought it was a little too 'hippie type nuts and seeds' for me. I messed around a little and used chunky peanut butter, and no seeds. I might have added a bit more cereal to make up for the lack of seeds - it's been a while so I don't remember exactly. I would suggest making it as close to the original recipe as you can the first time then mess with it once you know what it's like. Fair enough?

Also when it is half-way cooled score it with a sharp knife for easy cutting later.

And when it's all cooled and you're ready to sample it, grab a jacket and hat, take a piece outside, close your eyes and breathe in some cool clean fresh winter air with every bite;)

Monday, September 10, 2012

I'm still here...somewhere...

Wow...it's been almost a year since I wrote something here?? So much has happened. Where do I start - I guess the best place to start is here, today and work backwards. I've learned that some times you have to go backwards to go forwards.

Let me give you an example and if you know me this will make perfect sense to you. If you don't know me, this will give you a glimpse into the way I think so here goes.

I'm staying at my late brother's place [why they say 'late' I'll never know...what is he late for?? - seems to me he's right on time - the Lord's time for returning home]...anyway, we had ripped out the carpet and have been organizing and disposing of things for about 6 months now and I'm sure you can imagine how dirty things can get with all that going on. So...one day I need to have a shower and don't want to lay the clean bathmat down on a dirty floor because sure as shooting my clean wet feet will still somehow end up on the floor instead of the mat so off I go to grab the Swiffer and clean the floor. Okay so now the floor is dry mopped and wet mopped and I want to hop into the shower without having to wait for the floor to dry - here's where the going backwards to go forwards thing comes in - stay with me here.

How to I get across the floor without tracking in dirt from the hallway floors? I lay the bathmat down on the clean floor at the entrance to the bathroom, take off my dirty flip flops and walk to the far end on the bathmat. I turn around facing the doorway I just came in through and, bending down, I take hold of the back of the bathmat, draw it up toward my feet and lay it back down creating a fold in the middle of the mat - from the side it would look like a squished 'S'. Now I step to the back edge of the folded mat, get upon on tippy toes because I will NOT step on a cold, wet, tiled floor in my bare feet and I turn around so now I'm facing the front edge of the mat. I bend down, pick up the front edge of the mat and stretch it out on the floor in front of me. Then...you guessed it...I walk to the far end of the mat turn around, bend down, pick up the back edge of the mat and make a fold in it just like before. I step to the the back edge of the mat, get back up on my tippy toes [calf exercise, right?] turn around on the back edge and do my folding magic again! Next thing I know I'm in front of the tub just where I wanted to be. And I got there by going backwards to go forwards!

More to come...I've got a lot to catch up on :)

Monday, October 3, 2011

The Pen May be Mightier Than the Sword..

...But the tongue is mightier than they all.

Don't you just wish you had shut up? But, no, you said it and now you feel awful. Not just awkward and sorry - but truly awful, like something inside just wants to go crawl in a hole and pull lots of dirt in on top.

You know you need to apologize and you know you will but when and how. In your mind all sorts of scenarios play themselves out like a reel of 'bloopers'. In them you are a hero - you said what needed to be said; or you are the worst sort of excuse for a piece of skin because you know your words cut deep and there's no way you can fix it; or you found just the right words and the rift is healed and everything is ok again. You roll through excuses that will make it sound like what you said wasn't so bad or the other person misunderstood what you were trying to do but in the end the credits come up on the screen and you see that you were at fault - you and only you. There were no other actors.

If you are like me - and most of you are because 'like attracts like', you are in anguish because you did it again - you promised yourself after the last painful episode that you would follow the old admonition of listening more than speaking because you have two ears and only one mouth.

If you are like me [and you are] you, too, are committing to and striving to be the best person you can be every day. You are also desirous of living up to the potential your Father in Heaven sees in you [and realizing that your way is of no help because look where it got you - again] you find yourself on your knees in humiliation before Him begging Him to take this task away from you. You know that's not His way and you know you need to do this hard thing so, instead, you ask Him to give you understanding into why you did what you did. He gives you a mirror and, after you look everywhere but into it, you look and you see. At first you see a person who is flawed - who has been weighed in the balance and found lacking but as you continue to look you see a person who is a work in progress loved beyond measure. This person is one who needs to and can step up to the plate and do the right thing because she/he sees that this experience is for her/his benefit - that he/ she is evolving into a better person - but only by being honest and accepting responsibility for his/her actions will the face in the mirror reflect a true change.

So you pray for courage to do what needs to be done, love for the person wronged and the words to say to fix things as best as you can. Then you get off your knees, wipe away your tears and make the phone call, set up the meeting or send the email - whichever is the best way to do this - apologizing [with no excuse or caveat] and asking for forgiveness. In person it is harder to do but can be done and is the best way. Phone or email will work but won't be complete until you meet the person again and see the forgiveness in their eyes and feel it in their hug. [Do you really want to wait that long in purgatory?]

When all is said and done, you feel an incredible burden has been lifted and you feel an even stronger determination never to let this happen again. You vow, with the growing realizing that in order to master your tongue you must first master your thoughts. You smile and know 'you can do this...you can do this.'

Monday, August 29, 2011

Well Put...

I heard this quote the other day - not sure who is the originator- "I've given up all hope of a better past."

It's about letting go. It's about accepting. It's about moving forward.

Another quote I heard - again, not sure who is the originator - "The best way to predict your future is to create it."

It's about taking charge. It's about being positive. It's about action.

One last quote. This one from Jack Layton to his son as they were about to embark on a biking journey that would take them through nearly impassable areas. "You can wait forever for perfect conditions, or you can make the best of what you've got now..."

It's about going for it. It's about trusting that the way will be provided. It's about recognizing opportunity to do something that takes you beyond your normal limits.

These quotes are how I try to live. They are my thoughts and feelings expressed by someone else. I'm not alone. I am in great company ;)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My new greenhouse...

When you open your mind to a possibility; to an idea; to a desire; doors begin to open and pathways begin to be seen.

It's like when my husband and I want to go to the Temple to worship. Unless we put the date on the calendar, it doesn't happen or it really is difficult to do. But if the date is on the calendar - things work together and it happens!

So ... I want a greenhouse... of a certain design and of a certain size. Guess what??? In a couple of weeks I should be standing inside it!!!! Let me tell you about it.

It started with an idea - a dream, a desire to make the idea happen...somehow... and for free!!!

I started by talking about it with my husband and with everyone else I talked with. I vocalized my desire - I put it out there. I drew pictures of what I wanted it to look like and what size I wanted it to be. My husband and I looked at each part of our property to see where the best place would be to put it and what dimensions it could be given the limited space and limited sun exposure we have.

Then a couple of weeks ago my husband and I went for a walk and saw the greenhouse in my drawing on a friend's property!! My husband called the friend and asked if he had any plans for their greenhouse. Before we knew it, the friend offered it to us...for free!!!

It has the ventilation I want, the size and shape, too!!! Next step - how to get it here and exactly where to put it.

Again...a door opened. We were outside pulling the lawnmower from the shed and - bang!- the perfect place to put it came to me - right beside the shed! It would have southern exposure and there is a water cource right there!!! One problem - the greenhouse would extend onto a neighbor's property....

I was pondering how to get hold of this neighbor [he's away for months at a time and not home now] and decided to ask the landlady if she had a contact number for this fellow.

Ok... so this is how it works... I'm taking a break and debating mowing our lawn - rain is coming, but I feel tired and then... I look out of my craft room window and see a neighbor lady mowing this away fellow's lawn. I decide to get out there and do our lawn while I have the opportunity in between days/weeks of rainy periods. I get out the mower, smile and wave at her and then...I go ask her if she has a number for this fellow. She doesn't but the landlady probably does and this nice neighbor lady tells me the landlady is just down the street.

I tell the landlady that I want this fellow's number, she asks why and when I tell her, she says she'll come have a look. She comes over and when I explain where I want to put the greenhouse and that I want to get permission from my neighbor to do it. She takes a look and tells me to go ahead and put it where I want it - she'll chat with the neighbor and it'll be fine.

Wow!!!! Now I just need to get it here. I need get someone with a forklift to do it, so...I talk with the ladies in the staff room at the school on a break and talk about what I need. They give me some ideas of which businesses have forklifts in town. Well, wouldn't you know it, the fellow giving us the greenhouse works at a place with at least one forklift!!! And...it just so happens that my husband is going to visit this fellow in a couple of days...

I'll let you know how it gets here and when and then I'll post a picture of me in my greenhouse at my place....;)

Oh yeah!!!! Just open your mind and let the power flow through you. Don't stop it - let it flow.