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I love my life. I'm contented enough to be relaxed and discontented enough to quest. I want to see it all, smell it all and touch it all and through writing I can. I'm especially grateful for the gospel in my life. I don't need to search anymore. I can get on with perfecting talents and abilities.

Monday, May 26, 2014

A Writer...

A writer isn't a writer unless the writer writes, right? Try saying that three times fast whilst crumpling up yet another piece of paper with yet another beginning written on it.

Hey, I just looked at the word 'piece' and wondered how I can remember to spell it correctly. Yes, I thought of the rhyme - I before E except after C, but I don't always have that much time so I thought of an easier way. The first three letters spell 'pie'. I like pie....I can remember that little trick :)

It's the same with the word 'friend'. Because most of my friends are a little south of crazy [like me]and because most of them walk away from an encounter with me a little worse for the wear, I remember the spelling this way - my friends are my 'fried ends'. Trust me - it makes sense on this side of my head.

That's it for today. Certainly don't want to overwhelm myself after a long hiatus - remembered as hi - at - us, you know, like someone waving hello to us after not seeing us for a long time [shhh, little voices in my head - it means ALL of us]...talk to you again, real soon [yes, little voices in my head, you can all have a turn...]

Take care til then :)

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